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School friends reunion leads to Shoe Zone support for Dacorum Mencap

School friends reunion leads to Shoe Zone support for Dacorum Mencap

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Hemel Hempstead – 11th January 2023:  An online reunion of old school friends has led to a fabulous new year boost for Dacorum Mencap. Chair David Josephs went to school with the chairman of High Street retailer Shoe Zone more years ago than either of them care to admit. When David use LinkedIn to publicise his role with Dacorum Mencap, and the launch of the Corporate Heroes Index, Shoe Zone chairman Charles Smith made contact with him to offer his support.

David continues the story: “Charles and I went to school together from the age of 7. We were both sports mad, and played football, cricket, rugby and probably lots of other sports I’ve forgotten too. We also lived in the same village in Leicestershire. We fell out of contact, but one of the benefits of social media is that ability it gives you to reconnect with people from your past.”

Charles added: “This is just the kind of venture we love to support at Shoe Zone. Small charities making a real difference in their local community, so we were more than happy to support the Corporate Heroes Index.”

David and Charles met at a nearby Shoe Zone store just before Christmas, and have promised to stay in touch, almost inevitably involving some kind of sporting challenge.

David concluded: “I’m so grateful to Charles and Shoe Zone for supporting Dacorum Mencap. We’ve made good progress as a charity in 2022, and this gets 2023 off to a great start.”

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